Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines

Now available direct from the author:

A new softcover 260-page guide to collecting vintage men's magazines. All genres are covered, from the girlie titles to men's adventure fiction magazines to cartoons and 'slicks.' Over 950 titles from the years 1950 to 1969 are included. Also contains over 1,100 black-and-white cover reproductions.
This is the most comprehensive guide to collecting men's magazines ever published!

This is a relatively new genre of collectible. Get in on the ground floor now before prices skyrocket!

Only $24.95 with FREE shipping within the United States.

You can pay with Paypal here:

Or send check or postal money order to:
Todd Frye
PO Box 577
Harrogate TN 37752

Foreign orders, please add $18.00 (I know, I know, but seriously, this is what it costs ME to ship overseas!).

An electronic version is also available for Kindle and B&N Nook

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